About Me

Hi, I'm Mateusz Przybył, or for the Internet friends and strangers simply Simbax. I'm currently studying Master's degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology of Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland (Phew! That's a mouthful...).

My main interest, as you have probably guessed, is Computer Science and related subjects, especially Mathematics which is a way to greatly improve my general problem-solving skill and understanding how the Universe works. A day without a riddle (or a problem) solved is a day wasted. 

Of course, being a Bachelor of Computer Science, programming is one of my strongest skills. However, I'm not an expert on any technology and have no favorite programming language as they all suck in some ways. I just try to use what is the best (and preferably the easiest) tool for the job or whatever I find fun to use at the moment (Prolog is fun). C++, Java, Python, Julia, C#, Bash... I've seen them all and even more, but mastered none, although I'd like to say that C++ is listed first for a reason. You can view some of my projects on my portfolio page. Some of them date back to my pre-high-school days, mind you, so don't be too harsh in your review of their quality.

In my free time when I want to have some fun I often play video games. I've beaten a lot of games in my life and I'm pumping those numbers up, so I would call it my main hobby. Visit my Steam profile for proof. My favorite genres include singleplayer, story-driven, adventure, tactical or logical games, but I'm not restricting myself to them in any way.

You may be wondering about the title of this blog and I hope it's not too horrible. "Matt" is my first name "translated" to English and Theoryverse is supposed to mean an abstract world of my subjective thoughts and full of theoretical problems mainly in Computer Science and Mathematics. Of course, Computer Science problems can be quite practical since we can use them to make the computers do wonderful things but the digital world still seems quite abstract -- it is there but it doesn't feel as physical as for example a table.

I treat this blog like a place to share notes which I decided to make public for one reason or another. I'm doing it in hope that they will be useful or at least interesting for somebody else than me. And sometimes I just feel like sharing since problem solving brings a lot of satisfaction to it especially if the problem took some hours of effort before the aha moment.

Regardless of why you're here, I hope you enjoy reading the blog. Have a nice day!