Below are listed the most interesting projects I've ever done, at least the ones I can share. You'll find even more on my GitHub.

Some of the projects date back to my high-school days and some are not mine yet I feel like I significantly contributed to them.

Colobot: Gold Edition

Colobot: Gold Edition is a real-time strategy game, where you can program your units (bots) in a language called CBOT, which is similar to C++ and Java. Your mission is to find a new planet to live and survive. You can save the humanity and get programming skills!

Year: from 2014 to now
Website: colobot.info
Keywords: Open Source, git, C++, Inkscape, GameDev

I'm an active member of TerranovaTeam. My contributions include:

  • Fixing a few bugs and crashes
  • Adding a couple of gameplay features, for example fall damage
  • Rewriting and updating some of the in-game CBOT documentation
  • Remastering old raster interface textures to vectors
  • Editing and an idea for release 0.1.6 promotional video
  • Designing the current team and community logos
  • Improving the process of building the game in Windows environment and preparing a few guides regarding that
  • Moderating the now closed forums

I also created projects not directly contributing to the game itself but related to it:

  • Alludo -- level template serving as official example for creating custom levels which also can be used to see every model in the game.
  • Syntax highlighting extensions of CBOT language and other game-related files for editors such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom.


Year: 2017 / 2018 (took a good week and almost a whole University course to complete)
Website: GitHub (README is in Polish, sorry for that, until I translate it, you can view Google Translate version)
Keywords: C/C++, BISON, FLEX, cln

Translates simple procedural language to register machine code (interpreter included). One of the biggest challenges during my Bachelor's degree studies. It may not be impressive but I'm proud of it since it seemed like an impossible task during that time.


Year: 2017
Download: APK
Keywords: Java, Android, Computer Graphics

Yet another university project, this one's quite simple but I find it fun so decided to share it. It's a mobile game based on the classic Tetris game which I hope doesn't need any introduction. Requires Android 4.4 and the game should adapt for any typical screen resolutions and orientations quite well (which can't be said about too many apps on Android market unfortunately).


Year: 2016 / 2017 (about 2 months)
Website: GitHub
Keywords: Java 8, JavaFX, Akka, Play, Websockets, AOP, git, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

One more university project which I learned a lot from, mainly frameworks and good programming practices like design patterns. It's a client-server application: one desktop app and one web app. It's based on a popular Chinese chess-equivalent board game called Go.

You can play the web app here: http://gowebapprgmp.herokuapp.com/

Projectile Motion Simulation

Year: 2013 / 2014 (hard to tell how long exactly as I was learning Unity at the time and tinkered with it in my free time after school)
Website: GitHub 
Tagi: C#, Unity3D, Physics

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's catapult of which 3D model was created by my project partner Piotr Klemczak. The application was a big part of our presentation for a nationwide high-school comptetion called Science on Stage. It received honourable mention.

Run, Stupid, Run!

Year: 2014 (about 2 weeks including learning of the language and library)
Website: GitHub
Keywords: Python, pygame, GameDev, Computer Graphics

Short, simple, yet hard game. Features 5 levels, 8-bit music composed by me (which can be muted, thank god), horrible pixel art graphics created by me and casual mode since I realised I actually want people to beat my game. Brings some nostalgia. Since it's a game, of course I want to share it here.

Zakazany Las (Forbidden Forest)

Year: 2014 (one day)
Link: GitHub
Tagi: Python, GameDev

You may ask what the hell is one day project, from the time when I was learning how to write a freaking if statement, doing here on this list of apparently my "best" projects if it's not even written in the English language and it's a text game. The answer is, I have nothing better to show the game should be appreciated more for it's writing and multiple endings than its technicalities. Alas, don't expect a masterpiece, its game design is probably far from great and writing is at most as good as you could expect from a sciency guy in high-school.