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This is my (Mateusz Przybył) personal website and it contains my own creative works, for example articles, images or source code.

Terms of Use

By visiting the website, you (the user) agree to the terms and policies written on this page. The page may be changed at any time without notification. The page was last updated on 2021-11-22.


All content, such as articles or webpages, provided on this website is for informational purposes only. I do not take any liability or responsibility for any damage resulting from or related to use of any information, or its misinterpretation, provided on this website or by external sources linked from this website. I do not guarantee correctness, completeness and availability of the provided information.

The content might represent only my own personal opinions. In particular, it does not necessarily represent the position of my current employer. Please also note that some parts of the content may be ironical or satirical, and/or offensive, but such parts do not necessarily represent my opinion at the time of writing.

The content or parts of the content may be copied without modification and without misattribution for non-commercial purposes. The content or parts of the content shall not be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

Creative Works

The logo and its variants used on the website are my own and shall not be used without clear association to me or this website without my written permission.

Creative works which were created by me and published on this website such as images, video or audio files are by default shared with CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

My creative works such as source code files or source code snippets provided by this website are by default shared with GNU GPLv3 license.

A different license may be explicitly specified for a particular creative work. Default license is automatically applied only to my unlicensed creative works which are stored on the server serving the website and directly linked to by this website, otherwise default license does not necessarily apply and such unlicensed works are protected by standard copyright laws.

The website may use and store creative works which do not belong to me but are allowed to be used for this website thanks to the license they were shared with or thanks to the owner’s permission. By default I do not allow you to copy, use or modify such creative works unless their license permits such actions.


I do not take any liability or responsibility for any damage resulting from or related to use of any executable software (for example binary executable files, JavaScript scripts, compilable/interpretable source code files or snippets) published on this website. You acknowledge that the software might contain non-intentional bugs, acknowledge risks related to the execution or any other use or misuse of the software, and take liability and responsibility for any damage resulting from or related to your use or misuse of your copy of the software. The software does not come with any form of warranty or guarantees.

You are allowed to copy and share the software without modification and without misattribution for non-commercial purposes. The software shall not be used for any commercial purposes without my written permission. A person who obtained an unmodified copy of the software from you may become user of the software and hence agrees to these terms.

You are solely liable and responsible for your own modifications of the software and shall disclose to users of their modified version of the software all performed modifications with proper attributions. You shall also inform such users about the original software without misattribution and confirm that the original software is indeed the base of the modified software.

I reserve the right to remove or modify the software on this website at any time without notification or reason.

Embedded Content

The website may contain embedded content from other websites. Such content may contain creative works not belonging to me. You agree to the terms and policies of the providers of such content when you view or use such content through this website. Such content may not be owned by me and hence I take no responsibility for it. I reserve my right to remove such content from the website without notification or reason at any time.

Privacy Policy

This website respects your privacy and is transparent about if, what and how your personal data is collected or shared with third-parties.

This website contains links to other websites to which this privacy policy does not apply. If you click on one of such links, it is therefore recommended to read the privacy policy of the website to which the link leads.

This website does not use or store cookies, does not collect any personal data, and does not track across sites.

This website uses third-party services. It is my believe that they do not perform the aforementioned activities, as is explained in the next sections.


This website is currently hosted by OVHcloud. They do not collect your personal data when you are browsing this website. They collect logs and use the data to gather basic statistics which are accessible to me via the control panel. Consult their page about personal data protection for details.

Comment Sections

On some pages there is a button dubbed “LOAD COMMENTS” which runs a third-party script allowing you to see and write user comments about a particular page. The comments are stored as discussions in a GitHub repository. Clicking the button will cause the script from the giscus’ website to load and run.

giscus does not collect any personal data and cookies. They do store a server-encrypted token in your browser’s local storage if you decide to authenticate with GitHub, in order to keep you signed in. Read their privacy policy for details. It is also recommended to read GitHub’s terms and policies, especially if you wish to leave a comment or visit their website.

Note that the button should only be visible if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If a page has comments enabled, a link to the right discussion is always provided for your convenience even if you have disabled JavaScript in your browser.